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 U.S. Department of Labor Reminds Employers That They Cannot Retaliate Against Workers Reporting Unsafe Conditions During Coronavirus Pandemic

COVID at CSX, March 20th, 2020            

                Here is where we are at today with COVID19 and the state of CSXT. As of last evening, we had numerous employees on the system marked off under a new code that is directly attributed to Coronavirus. As of right now there are no confirmed cases on CSXT yet. Many of those marked off had no contact with any other coworkers in the previous 14 days. In the instance where a coworker showed symptoms, CSXT removed our Engineer and placed them off per the policy. While that is all fine, the bigger issue we have is the health and sanitation issues we are facing.

               Yesterday we requested that all Divisions let us know if they were experiencing shortages of soap, towels, sanitizer, handwipes, etc. In numerous calls with the other General Chairmen we saw a trend forming; CSXT was not equipped to handle this crisis. The four terminals that replied state that they were low-on or without basic supplies. They included pictures to document the issues and we will be able to send those to our outside partners to see what can be done to rectify the issue at those locations but that may be a futile effort.

               I spoke to General Chairmen from four (4) other railroads today (BNSF, UP, and NS) who stated that they had isolated pockets of trouble but that they were quickly resupplied since they hand reserves on hand. We will be without resupply for at least a week. Additionally, our counterparts have had daily calls with Senior leadership on their roads concerning the response. CSXT has failed to have a single call as they assess their options. They prefer to deal with ‘one off” situations instead of looking at the whole problem. It’s easy to see why there is no soap in the bathrooms and the locomotives remain unsanitary germ pits.

               Our industry hauls the goods that will make America well again. We haul the chemicals to make disinfectants. We haul the wood for toilet paper and Kleenex. We haul the coal that keeps the lights on, and we haul food from coast to coast. A sick workforce will stall not only the delivery of crucial COVID19 supplies but will surely delay any economic recovery nationwide. CSXT needs to take ownership of their issue and resolve it.

Tell your Trainmaster that it is unacceptable to work in unsanitary conditions. CSXT Labor relations states that the Chief Mechanical Officer Turner emailed all Division Managers concerning the cleanliness of locomotives. If you are ordered to take a dirty engine, please email your local chairman the name of the person who ordered you out, the engine number, date, time, etc. DOCUMENT EVERYTHING! We also suggest keeping a record of all locomotives you have been on and who you work with in case it is needed later.

               Everything associated to the COVID19 response changes very fluidly. I will try to get something on the website daily; however, all official correspondence will still be sent to your Local Chairman for review at your meetings.