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The B.L.E.T. / CSXT System Locomotive Cab Committee was established in 2005 with the goal of providing a better working environment on locomotives for CSXT engineers and trainmen. Since that time, the committee has had many success stories. However, there are still a lot of issues to address and your help is requested in our Union's continual push to improve the quality of the working conditions on locomotives. Below are some "hot button" issues that need resolution. Your help is needed in finding and documenting locomotives with these issues:

Jaggers seats:  The B.L.E.T. Cab Committee, along with the General Committees, have been pushing hard for CSXT to remove all remaining Jaggers seats from the CSXT locomotive fleet. These seats are inferior by design and well beyond their useful years. The Committee has been successful at having CSXT replace the worn out Jaggers seat cushions when they are reported as “flat”, but this is not the same as replacing the entire seat. B.L.E.T. members are strongly encouraged to carefully inspect the remaining Jaggers seats for their own safety. The Jaggers seats have been in use for such a long period of time, as to become wobbly, loose and unstable when the locomotive is moving at speed. Any Jaggers seat that has become wobbly and loose needs to be pulled out of service.

Toilet vent hose:  When CSXT adopted the M.E.I. toilet as the system standard on its locomotives, part of toilet installation was a venting system that carries the toilet fumes out of the toilet holding tank and out of the locomotive cab. This is the flexible hose you see in the toilet compartment coming out the back of the holding tank and into the toilet compartment wall. When properly installed, this hose continues under and away from the cab compartment. The issue at hand is improper installation of this venting system. The Cab Committee is finding numerous (mainly Dash 8 & Dash 9 series G.E.) locomotives that do not have the venting hose properly connected. An example being where the vent hose was connected to the toilet holding tank and routed out the toilet compartment wall, without any further connections made. In other words, the toilet vent hose ends and is exhausting directly into the cab compartment. Use a flashlight and take a careful look at the space in front of the Conductor’s seating area behind the icebox. In these instances, you will see the vent hose coming out of the toilet compartment and ending right there! Any locomotive found in this condition needs to be reported and

used “trail only” until the venting is corrected.

EMD Isolated Cabs:  EMD had a good idea in the “Isolated Cab” design. Separate the cab from the rest of the locomotive by surrounding it on rubber mounts to provide a smoother ride for the crew. Good in theory, bad in reality. Isolated cab locomotives tend to be some of the roughest riding locomotives in the fleet, especially at higher speeds. No crew member should be forced to ride in a bucking bronco, as the wear and tear on our backs and the rest of our bodies is excessive. In the name of safety and self-preservation, members are strongly encouraged to report these “rough riding” locomotives and pull them out of service. The vertebra you save may be your own.

These three items are just some of the issues the Cab Committee is addressing. However, everyone is strongly encouraged to forward any and all issues concerning locomotives to the Committee. To do this, proper documentation of the issue is essential. When reporting locomotive issues, please make sure you follow CSXT procedure. Properly fill out the locomotive work report. Report all issues to the appropriate yardmaster, trainmaster or dispatcher. And finally and most importantly, report the issue to the CSXT Mechanical desk at 1-800-624-8385. Having the Mechanical desk type the issue into their computer system as you talk to them is best way to make sure the issue is documented and addressed.

Cab Inspection Form ( PDF )

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Robert Denlinger

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